Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We have been working on graphing in class. Every morning we graph the weather for the day and each child has their own graph that they add to in their math journal, ask your child to tell you about October's graph.

In class we also graph things like our favorite food, color and shape. Graphing is an important skill and most of the children understand basic bar graphs easily since it is so visual. Often they comment on which item "wins" or has the most in the graph, we are still working on the full understanding of why and how we can use them. So if you see a graph make sure to point it out to your child and talk about it. With elections there are sure to be some on every news station for the next few days.

Below are 2 new videos. This first one is a link to a lesson that you can watch on youtube and then do at home with your child.


This second video, also from youtube is one for your child to watch about graphing


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