Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It All Adds Up!

We have been working hard on our "facts." We have been adding by 0 and 1 and for some of us it is easy, but some it has been a little trickier. Please practice at home. You can play games, make flashcards or watch the videos from Mr. Harry! Our morning work today looked like this, you cn practice these at home:

0+0=_____                          0+1=_____

0+2=_____                          0+3=_____

0+4=_____                          0+5=_____

0+1=_____                          2+1=_____

3+1=_____                          4+1=_____

5+1=_____                          0+5=_____

Check out the video's poted below or here are some more adding videos:

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