Saturday, January 22, 2011

Calendar Numbers, Where children have fun learning to read!
Every morning we used to complete the calendar. It is a great website for beginning reading and it is FREE! So we use it every day. Everyday it asks you to fill in the missing day and date as well as mark any special days. I have noticed that some children have been having trouble recognizing teen and higher numbers. So take some time with your child to review numbers. Ask them to find a specific number and see how they do. Report cards will be written this week and the children are expected to read and write numbers up to 30. A calendar is a fun way to practice this skill.

ps. if you child still needs letter sounds check them out while you are there or practice reading the little stories and play the reading games...enjoy!


  1. I think starfall is great we have been using the website since Emilee was three.

  2. I agree, it one of my very favorites! They now have an added "pay for" part of the site. I am looking into getting it for our classroom!